Help - Showing different Product Images depending on a users selections

Hi there,

I want to create a Gravity form using the Conditional Logic features which enables a user to select a product then customise their order by selecting other items and then later in the form show them product images with different colour choices which directly reflects the product they have selected to purchase earlier in the form.

So the form would look something like this:

Would you like to purchase a Mercedes Car or a BMW car?

Would you like to purchase a 24 month service warranty?

Would you like upgrade the wheels?

Would you like to add motor insurance?

At this point in the form if you selected the Mercedes car you are shown the colour options for this car in the form of four images and if you have selected the BMW car you are also shown the colour options for this car in the form of four images. But you are only shown the four images related to the car you have selected earlier in the form the other form images for the other car you have not selected remains invisible.

How can this be done?

Many thanks.

This is likely possible with a host of duplicate fields and a web of conditional logic to show/hide the correct fields with the correct options based on previous selections but…

We’ve seen customers achieve much more performant (and easier to manage) forms by separating the data/logic into a database (or custom post types, or even using another Gravity Form as a database) and then using Populate Anything to populate each field depending on the selections made in previous fields.

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Thank you David.

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