Show/Hide dropdown field choices based on another dropdown selected choices


I have a form that have multiple dropdown fields and some of these fields choices should show/hide based on other dropdown fields selected choices.

For example:
Dropdown 1 contains: Year applying to (option 1: 2021) (option 2: 2022)
Dropdown 2 contains: (option 1: Grade 1) (option 2: Grade 2) (option 2: Grade 3)

If user select (option 1: 2021) from Dropdown 1 he should only see (option 2: Grade 2) and (option 2: Grade 3) from Dropdown 2

And if user select (option 2: 2022) from Dropdown 1 he should only see (option 1: Grade 1) from Dropdown 2

How to make this possible?


Hi Ahmed,

You could probably use Populate Anything Perk to accomplish this use case.

We did a short walkthrough video with Radio Buttons here: based on this tutorial:

There will be two forms:

  • 1 Backend form where you create the combinations of options and how they relate
  • 1 Frontend form that shows the created combinations of options using Populate Anything

I hope this helps 🧙‍♂️.


Hello Dario,

Thank you for your reply. This could work BUT it will be very very difficult in my case because for example the first dropdown is (nationality) and if he/she click on British for example it will show option 1 and option 2 in the second dropdown and if any other nationality is selected it will show only one option so you can imagine how much time it will take to create entries in the backend form and then use the plugin to create the dynamic login in the front end form. :slight_smile: (we have lets say 70 nationalities).

After all i guess i will give it a try because there is no other option. Thank you once more.

There was this plugin that was doing it but unfortunately it is not available and not working anymore.


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