Only show dropdown options dynamically populated from a different form in conditions are met

Hi. I have 3 forms that work in sequence. The name field is entered in the first form and then populates a field on another form. and then the 3rd form does the same from the 2nd form. i am using Gravitywiz to populate anything to tie the 3 forms together like this.

I would like to se n condition that states says the 2nd form only populates if a check box on the first form was ticked. or if it was submitted. as soon as the 2nd form is submitted the field no longer has that entry in the dropdown.
The same for the 3rd form. as soon as the name is selected and the form submitted that name disappears from the dropdown. this is to prevent them from entering and submitting to that entry twice.

Is there a way to do this? like setting up a condition: if form 1 is submitted field (Name on form2) is populated with (Name on Form 1) but as soon as form 2 is submitted, it will not be shown again in form 2. but it will populate (Name on Form 3) until form 3 is submitted. then it is gone.

Hope this makes sense.

Hi Stefan,

I saw that you also submitted a ticket via our Support form on this. One of our Support Wizards sent you a reply there, but in case our reply is helpful to another user, I’m going to paste it below:

Based on your use case, it sounds like you want to hide specific field choices from a form once they have been used.

Based on this use case, I think our GP Inventory perk is a good fit. It allows you to set up inventory, which lets you offer your choices for a limited number of selections. Once the inventory is all used (a certain choice is selected), you have the option to hide that choice from the form.

Here is some more information that describes the concept of Exhausted Inventory in more detail :

Hope that helps, and let us know if you have any other questions.

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