If then checkboxes [RESOLVED]

I have a few dropdown fields created, but I want to create a checkbox so when a user selects the checkbox the dropdown fields all change to the last entry in their dropdown. I have 7 fields that need changed at once. Thanks!

There is not functionality in Gravity Forms that can do that. I wonder if Populate Anything from Gravity Wiz can help?

@dario - any thoughts?

Thanks for the heads up @chrishajer :pizza:

Hi @mareider,

I’m not sure I’m getting this one properly, from what I understand, when a user checks a Checkbox, a value in a dropdown would be selected.

My guess is that Populate Anything with Live Merge Tags or a Populate Anything + Helper form would work for your use case as shown here:

](Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software)

I hope this helps!


That seems like it will work. I bought the license and started to try to build that out, but am getting stuck on the dropdown field actually changing.

Hi @mareider,


You can open a support ticket here and one of the Wizards will help you: Support - Gravity Wiz


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