[SOLVED] Need a dropdown field where one option doubles the price of a product

Hey guys, I have a form with a bunch of products. Every product has a dropdown menu basically saying “no thanks” or “yes please”. (I’d use single product fields with quantity inputs, but they don’t show up in subsequent fields’ conditional logic).

So I gave each product a quantity field so the user can select how many of each desired product they want. As expected, it multiplies the price and also does so correctly if one chooses special options with their own price tags.

Now, my problem is: I also want to add an “urgency” field. One week is free, one day costs double. So I set up another quantity field, made it a dropdown and attached a value of 1 to “1 week” and 2 to “1 day”.

However, that field doesn’t work. Not unless I remove the previous quantity field.

I guess I can’t have more than one quantity field attached to any product?

Now, how can I make that urgency field?

EDIT: This is the form: https://www.sn-translations.de/willkommen/ (“Bestellen Sie Ihre Übersetzung online” in the last section of the page, the large blue section).

SOLVED. I made a dropdown for the urgency and assigned the values of 0 and 1 to the options, “1 week” and “1 day”.

Then, I made a product field and set it to “Calculation”. The calculation adds up all the fields related to the associated product, then multiplies that sum with the value of the urgency dropdown.

If 1 week, the product field is 0. If 1 day, the product field is the sum of all those other product fields times 1, effectively doubling that total for that one particular product.

Sounds like a good solution. Thank you for sharing.