Dropdowns vs Options

Hi GF Community. I was hoping someone has an answer for me.

I am currently building an e-commerce website that allows customers to input specific sizes of picture frames and gravity forms will calculate the price based on the size by linear meter.

I have a drop-down with all the frame SKU in labels and their prices placed in values. I want to hide this dropdown and have the correct frame SKU be chosen by query string based on the product they have chosen ie customer chooses a gold mirror and the product page redirects with a query string to select the correct gold frame.

The issue arises in that I cannot pass through the label but only the value (the price) which is no help to me as many of the frames have the same price. the Fields in dropdowns allows for Label | Value

Options under Pricing fields seems to have the ability to have label | value | price but does not allow you to calculate using multiplication. The calculation I need is {linear meter}*{price of frame option}.

I am looking for a solution to use parameters to select the label in the dropdown instead of the value. or a way to use options in multiplication calculations.

Any help would be appreciated.

Pricing%20Options|364x500 !

Dropdowns|395x500 !

Hi Adam, the best way to get help with this is to open a support ticket:


We will need to see your form so we know what you’re dealing with to be able to let you know what is possible.

I’ll leave this open in case someone wants to offer a suggestion without seeing the form.