Please help With filter hook dynamic population

Hi GF community,

I was hoping somebody could help. I have built a pretty cool custom framing website using gravity forms & a plugin by Lucas stark to be able to use gravity forms on my woo-commerce products, allowing me to price my products by calculations. you can check out one of my product forms here:

I am not a web developer and am struggling to write a filter hook to dynamically populate a dropdown that has a list of products in it.

In order to not create a new form for every single product, I have created a dropdown with each product/frame and a price per sqm in it. I plan to hide this dropdown from the customer and have the dropdown dynamically populate and choose the correct frame in the form when a customer visits that product page.

example. When a customer lands on /product/bondi-weave-framed-mirror-gold-50mm-frame/ I need the drop-down to select the correct frame from the dropdown for that product.

I have been able to achieve this using the query string method and a url redirect however I am concerned that the customer has the ability to change the query string and affect the product pricing.

Can anyone help me with a hook to achieve this?

Hi Adam

Have you considered just adding some code called by the validation hook to confirm the prices are valued correctly ?

Should you pursue the auto-populate dropdown path, the code will need to acquire the data dynamically - where will that data be located for the function to access ?