Dynamically populate form field with image selected from a product page [RESOLVED]

I am trying to figure out how to attach an image to my form from a product description page. So when they click on the item image it will send them over into the gravityform I have made and will populate a “Product Image” with the image they selected.

It is being used in a type of pre-purchase form or Quote Form layout.

Dynamic population of image fields is not supported. In theory, you could send a reference for that image (either the attachment ID or URL) to the form page, and then before showing the form, you could use some code to embed the image in the form. I’m not aware of a way to do that though, but it should be possible.

When using Woocommerce, the form is normally embedded in the product page, so the image is present there. Are you using Woocommerce and the “Gravity Forms Product Add-Ons” for Woocommerce? https://woocommerce.com/products/gravity-forms-add-ons/

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I appreciate the response on the matter! I had a freelancer write up a custom functions.php script that pulls the image from the selected product page. Then when action button is submitted and led into the forum to be filled out, the Product Image in question is populated in a custom output box.

So thank you again for all your help

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Thank you for the update. Glad you were able to work it out.