Dynamical populate hidden field with simple product price

Hi all,

I’m searching for a way how to insert a products price (simple product) into my Gravity form (used as a product form). So far I’ve made a form, where i inserted af hidden with and activated the Dynamic population function, and been giving a parametername to each parameter. From here I not sure how to proceed.
Reason why, is that in this way, when I update prices, i can just update the regular prices with a csv instead of uploading a form for each product.

Hope somebody here can guide me in the right direction :slight_smile:

The dynamic population parameter name is used for populating via the query string. So, if you were using those parameters, you could use a URL or link like this one:


I used parameter names of qq for Quantity, nn for product Name and pp for product Price. That URL would dynamically populate the product field with

Quantity: 1
Name: Book
Price: 100

That’s how the dynamic population parameter names work.

What are you trying to accomplish, and where does your information come from?

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your reply.

I’m trying to make it possible to use the gravity form product add-on, and update the price of the product with a csv into woocommerce like normal.

The idea is that as long gravity form includes the products regular price in the calculation, I can simply just update my products with a csv. Otherwise I have to upload a updated form, every time I need to adjust the price.

I like your example, but since im using woocommerce catalog page as the way into my products, i dont have the opportunity to change the url of the link into the specific productpage
. At least, that’s what I’m aware of :slight_smile: