Need a field that doubles price of product including options. Calculation no longer works

Hey team! I posted this in another thread and thought I had found a solution, and in fact, it worked for a few days. However, today, it stopped working.

I made a product field set to “Calculation” and I want to use the following formula:

( ( {Birth Certificate:9} + {Yes:39.2} ) * {How many birth certificates do you want translated?:25} ) * {How urgent is the translation of the birth certificate?:57}

It is supposed to do the following:

  1. Take the price for 1 translation of 1 birth certificate (20 bucks)
  2. Add 7 bucks to that if the birth certificate comes with an apostil
  3. Multiply the sum of 1 and 2 by however many birth certificates one wants translated
  4. Multiply all of that with the urgency field, which has a dropdown with 2 values: 1. 1 Week, value 0 and 1 day, value 1. If the urgency is 1 week, then multiply by 0. If the urgency is 1 day, multiply by 1.

So the end result should be that the “Calculation” product adds up to the exact amount of the product and its options, and thus adds the full price of the thing to the order total, effectively doubling it.

The problem is, I can’t get the field I bolded in the formula above (the apostil one, step 2) to calculate. It’s an option field tied to the Birth Certificate product. It has 2 options, Yes (7 bucks) and No (0 bucks). It used to work up until this morning, now it doesn’t. I thought it was because I messed too much with other fields in the form, breaking dependencies and conditions, but I just spent 3 hours re-building the whole form from scratch and the problem is the same.

After dozens of hours trying to build this extremely complex and convoluted system, I am now at the end of my wits.

Here’s the WIP form. select “Geburtsurkunde gewünscht” in the “Geburtsurkunde” product field, then fill the subsequent fields until you get to the “Wie eilig haben Sie es?” section.

Here’s a video showing my problem in the back-end and front-end:

(Please ignore the last moments, where the whole formula doesn’t work. I had a mistake in it that I have since corrected.)

I really hope you can help me. The little remaining hair on my head depends on it :wink:

On another note, please consider conditional showing/hiding of choices in dropdown/radio etc. fields, and also please consider more than one condition for fields, like “show if field A is ‘Italian’ and field B is ‘Pasta’”. I know Gravity Wiz has something for this, but I tried it and it doesn’t work. Building this form has been a complete nightmare, not your fault, I understand, but these two features would have helped me incredibly.

Whoa! Guys!! This is a serious bug that completely breaks Gravity Forms. Please look into this, it’s grinding a project of mine to a halt, and I’m about to miss the deadline.

Severing ties to conditional fields completely breaks field types

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Make a new form
  2. Create a product field: “Test product”, type: Dropdown, choices: 1. Test 1 with value 10 Euros, 2. Test 2 with value 20 Euros
  3. Create an arbitrary field, e.g. Quantity. Set conditional logic: Show if “Test product” is “Test 1”
  4. Add “Total” field
  5. Embed form on front end
  6. Test form on front end. Total price should show up depending on choices made in product field, conditional logic should work (field should only appear if “Test 1” is selected)
  7. Rename choice 1 in “Test product” from “Test 1” to something else. When the warning about conditional logic ties appears, confirm.
  8. Re-connect conditional logic in field from step 3.
  9. Test form on front end.

Current Result:
Total no longer adds up. It just says “0”. On another form I tried, conditional logic also completely broke. No other fields appeared regardless of choices made in product fields, even though conditional logic was correctly configured.

Expected Result:
The forms should continue to work properly. Product fields should be added up, fields with conditional rules should show or hide depending on defined choices in other fields.

Behaviour using a fresh test form following the exact steps laid out above: Gravity Forms: Fields break after renaming choices tied to conditional logic - YouTube. Actually, this video was recorded after I broke Gravity Forms completely by renaming some fields in my other forms, that’s why the “total” calculation doesn’t work even after the first attempt.

I am finding some more strange behaviours in the full form I’ve been building and re-building. It seems like more stuff breaks if a choice contains a pipe “|” character. I’ll follow up.

Okay, I replaced the pipe characters in all choices in all the product fields I have with hyphens. Now, the total calculations work again, and the conditional logic works again as well.

This only applies to one of my forms. In the other form I made for testing, in which I am not using the pipe character at all, the calculations are still broken (cf. my video above).

Either way, perhaps add a warning about not using that pipe character. It breaks Gravity Forms functionality.

I have to say it’s been a long while since I’ve seen a commercial product so riddled with bugs and usability issues. I’m frankly dumbfounded.

I’d like to write you guys some bug reports, but many the bugs I’ve encountered over the past week while working on this project are difficult for me to pin down or reliably reproduce. Once I get this project out the door, I will be happy to investigate them and report them in an issue tracker if you have one. If so, can you please point me to it?

I really don’t mean to be hostile, but I can’t deny I’m really frustrated at this point, especially because this is for a paying client. I’ve worked in QA for many years and I know development isn’t easy, and I hope to contribute to Gravity Forms with some testing and bug reports once this nightmare of a project is done.

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