Order Status Change to Trigger Conditional Logic Email

I’m trying to do something a little fancy. My client needs a simple online order form. If people do not pick their order, they would like to be able to change the client’s order status to “Missed Pickup” and have that new status trigger a conditional email to send to the customer.

I tried to set this up using an invisible radial field where they can manually change the status to “Missed Pickup”. However, the back end action of an administrator changing the status of that field to “Missed Pickup” doesn’t seem to trigger my conditionally set up email.

Is there a way for me to do something like this, or a way to update the conditions to get this to send out properly? It’s like the only action that triggers an email to send is the submission of the form, when I want it to be triggered by the change of a field by an administrator in the backend. Thanks!

Hi @cwalski,

There are two setup options within Gravity Flow that might make an excellent way to approach this:

  • WIth a User Input step assigned to the staff who can manually change the radio button. In that you can switch between fields being editable or displayed. Possibly using the expiration setting if there is a time restriction.

  • With an Approval step where the approve/reject represents that the pickup did/not occur.

You could then use either field value or status of the approval step for a subsequent notification to occur (or not) to notify the customer. Or perhaps that can be the start of a larger workflow process that allows the customer/staff re-schedule pick-up date, etc. The workflow branches doc describes this in a little more detail.


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