Hidden field altered by multiple other fields

Hi, I would like to have a hidden checkbox that changes if any other field has a certain value. This is very similar to conditional logic but instead of it changing visibility, it changes value.

I am using CRM Perks to push application data to Salesforce. If any responses are outside the green parameters, then I would like a single field in Salesforce to indicate that the application needs to be reviewed more thoroughly. My thought was to have a single hidden field in GF that is altered based on ANY of the applicants response. Then tie that field to it’s twin in SF using CRM Perks.

I’m open to an addon solution, I just don’t know the terminology for what it is I’m looking for. I did check if CRM Perks could do what I needed but I don’t think it can.

Hi Marco,

If I’m interpreting your goal in a broad sense as evaluate and/or modify fields of data on an entry before a feed (CRM/SF API) gets executed, then you may want to look at Gravity Flow’s Form Connector extension and its’ Update Fields step type in particular.

  • The conditional logic, as to whether the step should be performed or not, is very similar to how you define fields show/hide conditional logic. If your scenario of fields/values to determine triggering is more complex, there is gravityflow_step_is_condition_met filter for a low code approach.
  • The Update Fields step settings would let you modify the hidden field (or even administrative visibility to have it be more secure from user modification).
  • If the ‘CRM Perks’ plugin you are using is this one (?) it does look to setup a feed for execution, though you may need to contact their support to confirm how you could delay (or manually trigger) the feed. For example, by creating a custom step type with our step framework.
  • Or, the Outgoing webhook step may provide you with the same integration value you need to get data to SF all in one approach (Update Fields Step, Outgoing Webhook Step, Complete).

If you perhaps want to prevent the “questionable” entries from making it to SF, or having the approval (and potential for user edit / resubmit) be a part of the WordPress side of your site experience, there are approval and user input step types to help you out.


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