Conditional Logic To Determine Recipient

I have a client form with a list of products. Different products are managed by different individuals. The form currently uses checkboxes next to each product. The client no longer wants the form to go to a general inbox but rather to the inbox of each product manager.

How can I make this happen. Is there a way to send multiple custom emails based on the products that get checked?

Thank You

The Form Notifications can be setup with conditional logic so that each product could be the basis to determine who receives an email. You’d want to make sure there aren’t any gaps in product-to-notification to avoid no notifications being sent out, but the setup is pretty straight forward.

I suspect you meant Inbox as email client, but if you were looking for a way to see what entries are currently assigned for a product manager to action within WordPress, Gravity Flow would be an excellent one to consider. With Approval and User Input steps letting staff complete processes instead of writing email replies that never update into a database, their Inbox (via Block or Shortcode for front-end display) represents only the entries that are awaiting them to action.

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