Multiple recipients based on user role

Hi! I would like to send email notifications to all users with a certain user role. For example:

If I ask in the form “Do you want to stay in a hotel?” and it is answered by yes, the email notification should go to all people who have the user role “hotel”.

How can I achieve this? Is there something similar like {admin_email}? For example, using the user role name which would be for the user role hotel {hotel_email}?

Many thanks!

Hi Kpa,

You can do this by using conditional logic on the email/notification on the setting.

You can add if user input includes hotel, send to email user role with hotel.


HI Ericson, thanks for your suggestion! My problem is that I have approximately 30 users with a special role (‘hotel-owner’) and want to send the notification to all of them if certain conditions are fulfilled - not to a certain logged-in user. Unfortunately, I have not found any solution to this. I justed solved it by copying/pasting all the email addresses of the user with the role ‘hotel-owner’, but that is not really practicable as I need to change it manually if there is a user-role change.

Setting up the notification via a Gravity Flow Step will provide you with an option to send it based on the role, in which case every user with that role will get a separate copy of the notification. Along with the condition - to determine if the step should execute based on value(s) in the entry - that probably provides you a very simple setup pattern.

Gravity Flow also helps you standardize what might be an email intensive process for the form submitter or those hotel owners to action. With step types such as approvals for verifying bookings or user input for quote/estimates, or delayed payment processing with the Gravity Forms and Flow Stripe extension.


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