Tracking Conditional Notifications that DIDN'T get sent

Wowsa, I’ve seached online and it this forum for a few hours and can’t seem to find my particular situation because, of course, that’s my gosh darn karma, however…

I need to get this right the first time because if I have rewrite all the conditional notifications I’m looking at over 800.

We do business all over the world, and for different regions of the globe, we have regional representatives. We used to just have one email contact that we would have to manage and send a copy of the email to the correct rep.

Conditional notification are a life saver in this regard because we can send the form info directly to the right rep as well as send a copy to our email admin for follow up.

Our problem is this, our regions are so granular that after I’ve set up conditional notifications, I don’t know what areas I’m missing.

*So this is totally my fault because I didn’t keep a list of what was covered and what wasn’t.

So if someone fills out a form for a city or region we don’t cover, the email still gets to the admin, but disappears into the void of nobody home and we won’t know that it didn’t get sent to a regional rep.

Is there any way to get a notification send to admin of an email NOT being sent from one of the other notification sets?

I know, it’s crazy, but it’s a thing

I am assuming your question relates to addressing this for future entries received. A couple options/ideas:

Switch your conditional logic to gform_notification filter
If there is a consistent pattern to those 800 conditional notifications you speak of, the gform_notificationfilter may be a good way to handle instead of the conditional format on each form. i.e. Setup 2 notifications per form - “region notice” and “admin notice” and use the filter to determine which emails should receive. That may not add much value if your logic is unique per form, or require defining additional settings per field (such as a CSS class) so that the code can find the right field(s) to determine the region from.

Track notification conditional logic through workflow step
With Gravity Flow the delivery of a notification can be a discrete step in a workflow.

Lets say that your form had a separate notification per province via conditional routing:

We could setup 2 steps in the workflow.

The first has conditional logic to trigger for those provinces which you have setup. In my example only 3 provinces.

And the second step checks whether the first step completes successfully. If it did not (no conditions matched), that’s the only time it will be sent.

The timeline for each entry would show which step(s) were executed.

It also could become the start of a great way to automate your follow-up processes. As a way to schedule reminders or drip notification to customers or with approval or user input steps for anyone related to the entry to action tasks.


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Sorry, didn’t get notifications on your reply… Thank you so much! I’ll make sure to explore your solution.

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