Conditional Notification by State/Province

I’d like to send notifications to different email addresses based on the state/province selected. Wondering how to accomplish this.

You can configure email routing rules that do that. See the doco:

That can get pretty tedious for 50 US states + non US provinces, however. If that’s what you need, you’d be better off with a filter hook. Doco has an example:

Actually, I got a quick response from support with the answer. The address block does not allow selection of fields for conditional routing. The conditional logic at the bottom of the form notification does allow the selection of fields within the address block. Same result, with the same tedious work of 50+ state entries.

Ah bugger! That’s a real pity. Sounds like something that ought to be fixed in a future Gravity Forms release.

Completely agree! Ironically, for this project, there is one regional email for around 6 states each, so this method worked a bit better.

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