Rotational Conditional Routing in GF

Hi there!

This one’s a bit interesting: We have a new client who wants to send emails to specific email addresses (often more than one) depending on which country is selected in the “Country” drop down on the form.

Where it gets interesting is: The email addresses listed per country need to be rotated, eg.

If USA selected, there are 3 recipients, say “Bob”, “Martha” and “Jimmy” - the form submissions must go to Bob once, then Martha the next time USA is selected then Jimmy the next time, then Bob, then Martha, then Jimmy etc.

I found this concept as an option:

  • but not sure if this would work with conditional routing (off the “Country” drop-down field).

Looking forward to your feedback!

Hi Marc. How about this free solution from Gravity Wiz?

Thank you for your reply Chris!
I checked this out earlier… Will it work with conditional routing?
If so, where do I connect the conditional routing (off “Country” selected) to the Gravity Wiz solution?

Hi Marc,

What you’re trying to do may be possible with the round robin snippet without having to use conditional routing, but we’d need to get more details to confirm. If have you have a Gravity Perks license, can you please open a ticket with us so we can take a closer look at your setup and assist you to get it working.