Configure Routing 2 conditions

Hello, I am making a form for a multi-brand car dealership with several branches. Depending on the brand and the location that the customer selects in the form, the notification should go to a certain email. The routing only allows me one condition and I need 2 conditions. For example, if the customer selects Audi and Madrid it goes to an email address but if he selects Audi Barcelona it goes to another email address. The form is designed to contain several dials and cities. Can you help me please?

If the # of fields that determine which email it should go to, or the number of potential email addresses it could go to, will fluctuate and grow over time, you may want to use the gform_notification filter. Having a separate form that you manage the entries of (1 entry = 1 email) and then use GFAPI::get_entries to confirm the right 1+ email addresses to send to might be a good way to give you flexibility as things change.