Default Notifications Possible?

I have an extremely complicated form with a bunch of if’s, and’s, or but’s. I had to make several different confirmations with the default one being used if none of the other ones are used. This is exactly what I need, but for notifications. There is no default notification, so any of them including the Admin Notification provided will send regardless. Any way to do this with a little bit of code? Thanks in advance.

By default, the Admin notification is created with every new form. That will always be present and always sent.

If you need to add other notifications, you can do that, and use conditional logic on them as well, just like the confirmations. If no conditions are met, only the default (admin) notification will be sent. I feel like there is something else you’re trying to accomplish and that I did not address exactly what it is you need. Can you elaborate on what you need to happen? Thank you.

Thank you for your reply. I am aware that the Admin notification will always be sent. That is what I am trying to prevent. I just want a default notification that will only be sent if the other notifications’ conditional logic does not send any of the other notifications. So if A=B, send notification #2; if A=C, send notification #3; if A=D, send notification #4; and if A does not equal B, C, or D, send notification #1. I do not want notification #1 to be sent along with the other ones. Hope that makes more sense.

Can you set the conditional logic on the default confirmation so that it is the opposite rules from the other notifications, and it would be sent if those rules matched? I guess it depends on the complexity of your conditional logic rules.

I am working on adding fields that will check if conditions are met for each of the confirmations, and then adding another field that will be enabled if none of them are met. Then assigning the conditional logic from my “default” notification to that field. It’s a nutty way of doing things, but it’ll work I suppose.