Conditional field data still persists after edit


I submitted a support request to GravityWiz concerning the issue below:

The Issue:

I have a radio button field which asks “Are you single or a couple?”. If the applicant chooses “couple”, then a conditional radio button field appears which asks: “Are you married or cohabiting?”.

So let’s say the next day they break up and so the applicant (via Easy Pass Through) changes his/her response to “Single”. Easy Passthough does update that answer, but the data from the conditional is still present in the form.

The Question to GravityWiz:

Is there any way to “de-select” the conditional radio button (or any conditional field for that matter) since it no longer applies to a “Single” applicant?

The response from GravityWiz (emphasis mine):

After taking a closer look at this, this appears to be a limitation with Gravity Forms. We’ve tried creating a snippet that resets the values, but even with the value being emptied and submitted, Gravity Forms ignores it as the field is hidden. Additionally, there is no direct filter that we can use to filter the output of Gravity Form’s “is_field_hidden” to bypass this behavior.

That said, I recommend reaching out to Gravity Forms to see if they can lend a hand. I’d be curious to know what their response is.

Well …what the heck, I thought I would “run it up the flagpole” and see what happens.

Any thoughts?


I’ve run into this issue a few times. What works in some cases is to limit use of conditionals, putting all the radio buttons defining relationship status (in this case) in one field:
o Single
o Couple living separately
o Couple cohabitating
o Couple married

Greetings Ray,

Thank you for replying.

Yep, that’s actually what I did as a work-around, while waiting on an answer from support.

o Single
o Cohabiting
o Married

Yeah, it works. But, IMHO, its not ideal for every use case. There will be those cases where one wants to hide multiple fields, or even entire sections.

GravityWiz also stated…

A filter like that might be nice. Still researching options.

…more news as it happens.