Checkbox field will be emptied if hidden by Conditional Rule

Hi All,

I am trying to create a photo webpage with filters in place. The filter is created by using a single text field, and the different categories of photos in different Checkbox fields. The Checkbox fields have Conditional Logic on when to show up according to the filter.

My issue is when the user select category 1, check some boxes, the checks will be gone when going into category 2 via the filter.

Is there some ways to keep each checkbox field’s input as they are being put into hidden? Also, is this the best way to implement a “filter” for Gravity Form? Thanks in advance.

EDIT: the filter is created by using Drop Down field, not single text.

Hello. Please see the gform_reset_pre_conditional_logic_field_action filter to retain the value when a field is hidden by conditional logic:

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