Looking for the right plugin


Iam sertain that i am looking with the wrong words to find the plugin’s i need. So i try this now trow this post.

I want to build a form where the customer can change the amound of magazines the want to order for the next schoolyear. the steps i need


  1. logs in
  2. will see all avalibele magazines/editions with a field behind the amound of the current year
  3. now he can change each line for the next year maybey a second field behind it)
  4. he must give up the name of the person who made this changes (most of the customers are schools. sow more person wil use the login and order form)
  5. the forms keeps up the changes per line and the person wo made the changes.
  6. customer and i self recieve a email.

For me is the most challange to preview the current magazines and save each change in and from a (database :thinking:) i think.
I will figger out alot for my self ass i always do. but iam stuck to find the right plugin to start this project.

Thanks already iff you can give me a push in the right direction.

Hi Martijn,

A couple links and terms that may help your google-fu towards this.

  • If the current magazines are managed submitted into a separate form, Gravity View can provide great ways to display the options - including custom columns or use of shortcodes within them (for your amount of the current year?)
  • Gravity Wiz Populate Anything could give you more flexibility for dynamically retrieving the amounts to go into a sub-form for the new orders.
  • Gravity Flow and its ability to assign tasks to users (or email fields) would allow you to capture and re-use the new details. Both can also be used to setup approval tasks if verifying before someone makes an expensive typo and orders 3 million magazines.

I’m not 100% clear on what you mean by the 'form keeps up with the changes per line" - that might be a case where Gravity Wiz nested form or Gravity Flow’s parent/child form may be ones to look at.

Hope that helps a little.