Order form with user-specific content?

Hi there!

I’m looking for a tool to help me build an order form. Basically, we create custom products for clients. I want to create an order form that links to each clients custom products. I imagine that their products would be in a database (not sure if GF can support this or if i would need to use a third party app; fine if so) and then once their email address and/or individual client number was entered into the form, they’d be able to choose from their own custom products rather than have to type them in.

Currently they order by typing their product name into our form, but we experience a lot of errors with users getting the names of their own products mixed up (as the names are often similar, which is user error at their end but something that’s not easy for us to correct as they control their product names). So we’d like to be able to load each clients products into a database, and have the form then make those products available (in a dropdown, I imagine) once they’ve entered their personal data into the form.

Any advice anyone can offer would be amazing. Thank you!


This should be possible with our GP Populate Anything Perk. You can use our GP Populate Anything Perk to populate a dropdown field with the products in the database using the email address entered as a filter to get the user’s specific product. Please check out the Perk and let us know if you have any questions.

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