Using selected dropdown option to generate user query

Hi, I need to use the selected dropdown option in a gravity form to populate a user query which in turn adds its output (user emails) to an admin field on the same form.

This is so the notification email gets sent to the correct email addresses based on the dropdown option.

I have the last bit working using gform_field_value_myvariable but I can’t find a way to order these so the query runs after the drop down option has been selected. It only works when I set a value for ‘myvariable’.

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

Hi Daniel,

This should be possible with our GP Populate Anything Perk. You can set up Populate Anything on a Hidden field to populate its value with the Email Addresses matching the selected option in the dropdown field.

I believe this is the same question you submitted a ticket for at Gravity Wiz, which we’ve already replied to you.

Feel free to contact us via our support form if you have any questions.

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