Email Users from Dropdown - Is this possible?


I have not purchased Gravity Forms yet but trying to find out if you can create a form that when the form is filled out the by the user they can select names (registered WordPress Users) from a dropdowns to send the form submission to. Maybe 4 separate dropdowns so they can send to up to 4 people.

Thanks in Advance

Hi Chris. That is a seemingly simple request, but there are several pieces to accomplishing this.

  1. The ability to select a value from a dropdown, and then send an email to the user associated with that value is called Routing. You can read about it here:

2a. To populate a dropdown in the form with your WordPress users will require PHP code to accomplish, or a plugin. With code, you can use this method:

That example shows populating a dropdown from WordPress posts, but you can get the users instead of the post. The rest of the article is the same. In your case, it sounds like you want to do that four times.

2b. You can alternatively use Populate Anything from Gravity Wiz in order to populate form fields from almost any source:

3. Now, you want to send an email to four different people based on the selections made in the form. I’m not quite sure how that will work. I would need to build something. I recommend creating a free Gravity Forms demo site to see how routing works for a single dropdown in the form. You can use the following link to spin up a demo site where you can test Gravity Forms and all the official add-ons for several days: Sign Up for the Gravity Forms Demo Today

Don’t worry about populating the dropdowns from users yet. Create a dropdown with three names. Then set up your routing rules. Once you see how that works, we can see what will be required to extend this to cover multiple dropdowns of users. Thank you.

Gravity Flow has got you covered @clowthian

  • The Workflow Field Types include multiple field types you can add that allow you to populate all or a subset of users. For your case, I’d recommend the multi-user field type.
  • Notification Step Types can send messages to any/every assignee, and the assignees can be defined based off any user/email field as well as custom options you define in the step settings. So if you did add a multi-user field to your form, then you could define that field as the assignee. Boom. Done.

If you wanted to send a different email to each assignee, that would be a case where adding multiple user fields and then each notification step gets assigned to a different user field.


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