List detail for total amount

Hi, i have a form with several calculations and field. Everything it’s ok but i would like to make it more readable. I’ll explain.
I have this form where you can calculate a price based on many variables and choices.
At the bottom i have a total calculator with the total amount and just before it some product field with calculation who will show the price of the options.
If i use an option field set as dropdown during the form, i can’t show the value directly before the total amount because the calculation is made in the field itself and the total field just get the value and add it to the other values. But this lead to wondering (for the client who use the form) if the total amount is correct or not because he can see all the prices in clear for the product field but not for the dropdown option.
Is there a way to report just the value of the option field near the total amount? Like a list of option.

Can you share a link to the page on your site where we can see the form? Thank you.

yes, thank you.
Fine Art Printed You need to select Opzioni Avanzate to show all the fields. You will notice to the bottom a sort of list of the different product fields if you enable them. What’s missing is for example the passepartout price or the “certificato di autenticità” which are directly in an option field.