Number Field To ADD (+) to Total

“Number Field” To add (+) to “Total”.

I have a number field where user enters an amount.
User then chooses options with amounts in them.
For example:
User types >> $170 (or what ever amount)
Then from selects from Optional Extras:
Selects> Option-1 > $10
Selects> Option-1 > $5
Selects> Option-1 > $40

At the bottom of the summary, I want to show;
User’s entered amount [$170.00]
List of chosen options
Option-1 > $10
Option-1 > $5
Option-1 > $40
Sub Total Options > $55.00
Total > $225

Then this last Total needs to be printed on the Gravity PDF

So far I can make it work on the screen but when it outputs to PDF , I only get either (depending the order I organise my fields)
PDF shows > $170
PDF shows > $55

I want to show Total as $225 (without listing options or enetered amount selected on the PDF) Just the Total of $255

Can some one please guide with illustration or code to help?
(I have Gravity Perks Pro installed)

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