Number Field Conditional Logic Calculating Total

I have created 5 Number fields.
That appear depending on the options you select.

I have also created a Total number field with ‘calculation’ options enabled.
Which also includes the merger tag options e.g.
{Number Field 1:19.1} + {Number Field 1:19.2} + Includes all the 5 allowed fields.
The formula is also validated by gravity form.

However on the front end say only 2 options are selected.
That would display two number fields ‘Number field 1 and Number field 5’

The Total field displays 0

When all the 5 number field show the total field works. But I can’t have all the number fields showing. Please see the image for better understanding.

Please help!

Can you try switching one of your number fields to a product field and disable the quantity.

The total field is typically used for product fields.

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