Product options in total summary

I am building a configurator for a car company. I use option from pricing fields and then total from pricing fields. Everything works fine but I want to show all that the user has chosen within the total field.
How do I do that?

Hello Johan. The options do not show by default anywhere near the total on screen. Everything is shown in the entry and in the notification, when using the {all_fields} helper.

If you wanted to show something to the user before the form is submitted, showing all their selections, you could use this free solution from Gravity Wiz:

That can show a pre-submission confirmation to the user. Will that work for you?

Thanks. It did not work perfect, the page has to reload to make the summary. I rather want a dynamic live summary.

Hello Johan. I do not have a perfect solution for you I am afraid. I will leave this open in case anyone has something that will work better for you. Thank you for trying it.