{all_fields} how to disable ORDER field in form preview option

I added form preview option and at the end of it I have this Order field. What I need to add to {all_fields} to not show at the end this Imgur: The magic of the Internet
Why I need this?
At the end where price from pricing fields I added Options- added option with price and selected by default, so total price increase. AS preview are2 steps before where user can unchose and see how price is changing, this is wery bad for me. I need all fields without this part, so customer at the end will see all prices with addons and there he can unselect and then see automatically changing price.

Try the gform_display_product_summary filter:

Thanks for answer, found where to enter but now started show other type

See the placement section of the article: https://docs.gravityforms.com/gform_display_product_summary/#h-placement

yes found only now started show like this

tryed to add this {all_fields:exclude[28,14]} but still showing all entries (its ok )and at the end fields with prices

The exclude modifier isn’t a built-in feature. To use that you’ll need the following add-on from the team at Gravity Wiz:

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