Remove Order details from customer notification email [RESOLVED]


We have an email sent to customers when they place an order for an online product. The email has the Order box at the bottom with the product and pricing,

Wondering how we can remove this ‘Order’ box from the email completely?

Any advice would be great.

Hi Bobby. The output of the pricing summary table is not currently modifiable. There is a filter you can use to suppress that completely:

At that point, the fields will be output like other fields in the notification. Or, there is a filter you can use to modify the markup before the pricing summary is included in the notification (and the entry page, but you’re not looking for that.) That filter is:

I was successful in removing the table markup for the first row, which says “Order” but then it looks like the products below are indented under the previous field, which seemed a little strange (screenshot). With more manipulation, you may be able to come up with something better using that filter.

One other possibility I thought of is filtering the notification as well. That is your last chance before the email is sent. Maybe you could perform some magic there:

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Brilliant, thanks for explaining that

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