Styling order summary table


How can I style order summary table (the one that I get using {order_summary} merge tag)?

Hi Juri,

{order_summary} is not a Gravity Forms merge tag, so I’m assuming you’re talking about {pricing_fields}

I’m afraid the output generated by that merge tag is not customable out of the box. You could try using your own PHP custom code and the following filter that allows you to filter the HTML markup for the product summary:

If the above doesn’t fit your needs, you could try to stop using the merge tag and compose your own product summary by adding your own custom HTML and inline styles to the confirmation/notification and inserting the merge tag for the individual fields.

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Hi Juri, sounds like your using the Gravity Forms eCommerce Fields plugin.

You can take complete control of this markup (and we even provide a template to do so) with this hook:

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Thank you very much for your answers!