Pre-purchase question - Can I make this look like a spreadsheet?

I want to make a simple order form for existing customers (not e-commerce, order only…we bill then later) and I want it to look and work just like the excel spreadsheet I’ve been emailing them for years.
(I hope the image is visible here…)
Can Gravity Forms do this?

Structurally, yes.

Visually, not out-of-the-box - you’d need some serious CSS.

Here’s a very quick and rough example of your form (no styling applied beyond the default from the Storefront theme which is what my sandbox site uses)

Having used most form editors over the years, I’d say GF is definitely your best bet for your use case. There’d likely be a small learning curve for your users because honestly I’d recommend using dropdowns or similar for the products - if you use the “product” field you can sed options etc and have quantity fields, and the form will auto-calculate the totals.

Hope this helps!

Hi Chris,

We specialize in Gravity Forms setup. We can help you with this if you like.

You can schedule a free consultation at if you’d like to chat about it.


Hi Scott, What you’ve shown in your screenshot is close enough for me. Thanks for the time you put into that for me. I’ll go ahead with getting the program. Cheers
Matt, I thing I should be good based on what Scott showed me but I’ll yell out if I get stuck.

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