Sample complex forms

Hello - I’m looking for some sample forms to get inspired by. I’d like to visualize how much can be done with GF and CSS styling. Is there a repository of examples somewhere by chance?

Thank you!

I’m not aware of any such repository. This is one of the more complex forms I’ve built recently. It has a lot of a conditionals, some special styling and some custom submission features. I’m certain others could point to even higher level uses.

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Hey Joshua. Very nice! Just what I was looking for. So, how did you get the fancy control styling? I’m guessing you had to add in your own CSS framework underneath it all.

There used to be a site where the had form exports available. It was not run by us but by a Gravity Forms fan/user. It was a long time ago, and several internal communication tools ago, so I can’t search back through history to see if I can find it.

I wonder if any long-time Gravity Forms user remembers what that site was (if it is no longer online), or is?

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Here is one site I found in my bookmarks. Only three listed here (that I could see anyway):

The site I remember had lots of forms available, in a grid format.

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This is on our blog, showing what is possible, but no downloads of the forms are available:

This seems like a cool site with some example form uses and exports available for download:

Another good write-up:

(no downloads that I could find)

Some kind soul shared this form with a download:

Yeah, I have a stylesheet I load onto all my sites with Gravity Forms. It sets up much of this styling and allows me quick basic control over color and sizing. It also allows me to serve the form up so that I can utilize some CSS grid on the form. I load up Material Design Icons in that stylesheet, as well. I’ve shared some of the styling here and there. I can try to get that to you, if you’re interested.

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Hi Joshua! - Sorry for the delay. I thought I responded earlier. Great example of an intricate form. I’ve been sharing it around as an example of what we could do ourselves.

Yes, I would love to review some of the styling you used. I’m very curious how you got all the multiple sections and columns to work!