Complete CSS files for a pretty variety of form styles?

every Gravity Form looks ugly out of the box. So far it requires me every time to look up the class names, write css, checking how it looks - back and forth, back and forth. I’d guess every new website takes at least one hour to style GF.

I’m wondering if there is a nice collection of a few complete css files providing different, modern looking styles. One could just pick a desired look, upload the css file, load it on the form and be done with it. That would be such a time saver.
I haven’t found any source for such a collection of css files.
Any pointers?

@user5c0166073a6c48.6 ?


Happy to help if I can. You may be interested in Gravity Painter

It is still under development, however, if you would like to give it a try I will give you a one year license for free.

Let me know if any of the designs peak your interest.

Much more than an hour went into the CSS for these designs and are fully compatible with version 2.5

@chrishajer thanks for the mention.

Hi Dere, that sounds awesome. I’ll be happy to try, test, and review it if you like.



If you want to click my profile picture and then click message, you can send me your email and that way I can register you a license and get you fixed up!

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yes. the gravity form I added looks horrible. text labels are way off not even close to the input boxes! what gives here? Terrible css. what is conflicting? I can’t figure out what css to edit to force alignments. Can’t use this like this.

and what’s going on with the captcha not even displaying? nee it to look like it fits in the design, not like a second grader put it together. …

@teajayo my offer extends to you too!

All set. but I appreciate it. I will keep you in mind for other stuff when I am too busy. Pretty funny thoug hwhat these guys tell people who buy their products. I don’t do any wordpress template theme crap. I am old school. I build a website from scratch in photoshop and write the code in allaire homesite. Both bygone products of the past. These guys told me this ::: “”" I took a look at your form and your system report, and you are using a very old version of Gravity Forms, and an old version of WordPress which is no longer eligible for support. “” LOL

I made their stuff work with a non OUT of the box website. Don’t care what some of these kids say my handwritten code looks like. It works and the customers make money and it ain’t generic. … and my version of WP is WordPress 5.5.4 … theres nothing outdated about it. Their plugins don’t work with some stuff in 5.7. and gravity forms is Version… downloaded THIS YEAR! tells me It’s NG lol. I’m not upgrading to [View version 2.4.24]… again, I read the update blurb… nothing I need to worry about because I only usse the form to pass email messages at this point. It would just be nice if the plugin was easier to integrate into a custom designed and coded website which is craftsmanship tyou don’t sdee anymore. Every website I see is the same crap, different colors and an scrolling image banner etc. sad if you ask me. If you look at my code there for that site… ie 5 and 6 are referenced. LOL, these guys and most of you never even saw those browsers which were a nightmare to code for. eVERYTHING ie IS JUNK. If it works for mozilla, thats good for me. Chrome and Opera and the apple stuff. Anyway, all is well. and my stuff is not outdated. LOL

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