Remove product pricing info from {all_fields} notification email

I have a form with a bunch of products but am only interested quantities (not price) since pricing is different based on the specific customer. No e-commerce is involved—this is just an emailed order form. I’ve used CSS to hide the price info on the front-end, but also want to hide all pricing info on the notification emails when I use {all_fields}. I’ve removed the unit prices on the notification by using the gform_product_info hook, but the notification still displays subtotal and order total info. I’d like those to show as blank instead of $0.

I realize I probably shouldn’t have used the Product field for the items when creating the form, but am hoping there’s an easy way to just hide the pricing info instead of re-creating the entire form without using products. thanks!

You’re right, you should probably just rebuild the form and NOT using pricing fields. It sounds like regular fields will do the trick.

Otherwise, Gravity Wiz, a third-party developer, does have a free add-on that can be used to modify the {all_fields} merge tag output so you can control which fields are included in the output:

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