Display product with 3 options and dynamic total price for each?

Hi there,

I’m building a product calculator with a number of options. Currently the “product field” is the very last field, and has 3 options (Brand choices) as radio buttons, so:

Option 1 - options that add to base price
Option 2 - options that add to base price

• Brand 1 - base price
• Brand 2 - base price
• Brand 3 - base price

I would like to display each dynamic TOTAL price calcualted from the chosen options, next to each brand option, for the customer to choose their guaranteed final price based on the Brand they choose. So the final form field looks like:

• Brand 1 - dynamic TOTAL
• Brand 2 - dynamic TOTAL
• Brand 3 - dynamic TOTAL

Is this possible? Currently the base price doesn’t show, only the option name.





Hi Gareth !

I took a stab at your question using this feature:

And made a little mock up demo for you to see a simple example in action.
You can check out the demo page here:

It uses a simple formula in the “Total” number field of:
{New PC Base Price:2} + {10 Gig Hard Drive:1.1} * {Hard Drive Brand:3} + {50 Gig Hard Drive:1.2} * {Hard Drive Brand:3}

Maybe this is helpful for you, but I’m not certain you can configure the fields to provide you exactly what you are after without some extra coding, or changes to your original design.

Note on demo, the field “New PC Base Price” is pre-populated with $1,000 and is set to be hidden. The Radio Buttons are set with multiplier values which maybe isn’t how your requirements actually need to work.

Hope it helps. Good luck !

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Hi James,

Thanks for your help. I ended up taking a slghtly different route by using gform_page_loaded - https://docs.gravityforms.com/gform_page_loaded/

I grabbed the “total” field via javascript when the form “brand-options” page loads, added the cost of each brand, and then created 3 new elements populated with each brand price.

I still have some work to do in cases where the brand has been chosen, but the user navigates forward or back in the form, and then returns to the brand page - this causes the above calculation to be too high as the brand price is added twice, once by the javascript calc, and again when the user actually choses their brand… But this should be reasonably easy to fix. :crossed_fingers:


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Hey again Gareth !

Glad you found a solution.