Is it possible to create a psychometric test?

Hey team,

I currently trying to automate a psychometric test I use for clients. It is 100 questions, which can be broken down into ten groups with 10 questions each.

1 - I used a survey, with likert scale and reverse scoring on some questions.
2- Is it possible to have gravity average the question scores?
3 - I need to make sure that certain questions are graded together?

Sounds interesting - I don’t think most people know what a psychometric test is or terms like ‘likert’ and ‘reverse scoring’.

But the answer is definitely yes. What you will have to distinguish between is

  • the collection of answers
  • the processing of answers

Gravity Forms will mainly help you with the collection.
You can then process that information in various ways to get what you need but this will either involve custom development or exporting your results to spreadsheets and working with it in Excel. I hope that’s helpful. Out of the box Gravity Forms does not do a lot with processing and scoring results.

Hey Simon,

Thank you - I’m just code this from the bottom up - just looking for shortcuts… Not only do I need to reverse scores in some instances, but I also need to run those percentages through Z-Score / Table and Normal Distribution.

thank you for taking the time to reach out.

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