Possibilities gravity form questionnaire

Challenge one
A customer offers different programs that may be applicable to a customer. To provide the best program that is available, I want to make a questionnaire, where a customer can give a score for each question. Based on the score outcome, the most applicable program be recommended.

Challenge two
The product (PDF) will be written in advance for most parts. Is there a way to return some answers from the questionnaire in a PDF that they can download? This way I can make it a bit more personal.


  • Provide advice based on the score (conditional logic I think?)
  • Let them download a certain PDF based on the outcome of the score
  • Is it possible to let customers answer a question with a fixed slider (1 to 5, for example: how much do you like yoga? 1 to 5).

I hope someone can tell me if this is possible with gravity form :).

Hey @Schonewillepatrick,

Gravity Forms Quiz add-on has a scoring feature that makes it simple to assign a score to radio, checkbox, or dropdown fields. If your license doesn’t give you access to that add-on, with a bit more work you can apply scoring to standard radio/checkbox/select fields. You can than use Conditional Logic on the total score to determine the type of program that would be applicable.

Gravity Forms doesn’t have a native Slider field (yet). But there are third party options available: Slider Gravity Forms - Tutorial - GravityWP

As for generating dynamic PDFs that include information collected in your form, Gravity PDF may be a good choice (disclaimer: I’m the founder). Its very customizable, and we have a PDF development service if you need something very specific in mind.

Hi Jake,

This sounds good to me. Thank you for helping. I’ll have to play around with my idea and check the tools you mentioned.

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