Custom Quiz Scoring!

Hi! I’m looking for someone to help me set up the code for our Custom Quiz scoring, and help me setup a custom PDF output for the same. There are 7 sections in our quiz, with three scored quiz questions in each (weighted scoring, 1-5) and I need a percentage score for each section (separated by page) and an overall score. Then I need a pdf output with these values.

I got pretty far on my own. I’m not new to coding, just unfamiliar with the calculations involved for this. I set up the entire quiz, separating each section by page, including the hidden field for each score, etc. I’m just looking for someone to help connect the final dots.

If you’re kind enough to already have the calculations in a plug and play, I can input the form fields myself and edit the theme php. But I also have a little leeway on budget for bringing someone in to help. Under $200 would be preferable. It isn’t a hefty project, just an hour or two probably.

Thank You!

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Hey Keith,
I’ve worked on a bunch of different calculations in Gravity Forms for charts, logic based on numbers, etc.
If you can’t find anyone else and I can help you without needing to set up a local copy of the site, I can jump in with a minimum 2 hour project size at $120US/hour (most projects start at 4 hours minimum size). Head to to learn more.