Custom Calculator using GravityForms - Developer Needed

Hi all,

I have a custom algorithm that I would like to build into a calculator. The algorithm calculates the dollar value of a website/online business based on ~50 input fields. Most of the calculations are relatively simple, but a few are a bit more complex.

I had two people recommend it be built “as a standalone plugin that works below the Gravity Forms plugin”. The plugin will need to have 5-6 separate “pages” for inputs, then it will have an output page showing the $ value range of the website. We also would like the results to be emailed to the person who completes it. Additionally, the submissions will need to be stored on the backend for our own purposes as we are using this as a lead gen tool.

I have all of the calculations/documentations on paper and am happy to share them for further discussion.


Interested. Please mail over to gennady[at], please?

Just shot you an email!

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Hi Jake,
I can help: anna(dot)cis22(at)gmail(dot)com.
Anna J