Price calculator for price of a website

Hi there :blush:

I am new into Gravity Form, and I am about to make a price calculator for my own website.

The calculator should calculate a price, from given infos about the cost of a new website.
Ex you enter what kind of website, handmade or template design, what content etc., and in the end, based on the choices you have made, you are given a price.
Searching around this community it looks like it needs special plugins besides Gravity Form to do this – correct?
Any step-by-step guide to this topic?
Or any templates?

Best from Jeppe

Hi Jeppe. You should be able to create something like this in Gravity Forms. We don’t have any step by step tutorial or a template that will help you.

If you already have a Gravity Forms license, you can start building something, and let us know where you get stuck.

If you don’t have a license, please take advantage of our free Gravity Forms demo available here: Sign Up for the Gravity Forms Demo Today

Let us know if you run into any trouble.

Hi Chris.

Thanx a lot for your fast reply.
What I need here is making a price calculator, that calculates a price based on the fields filled in.
This means that each field filled in helps to calculate the final price.
What are the names of the kind of fields I need to use here?

Best from Jeppe

All of them are Numbers, some where you receive the values, and other with Calculation enabled, where you put the formula to do the calculations. Check this:

I’ve got something like this on my website, check it out and if you want the file let me know. Ballpark Quote - Grace at Work

Hi Greg.
That’s very nice of you :blush:
It would be a great help for me, and as I can see on your website, it is a similar solution I am building.
Can you send here, else my email is:
Thank you so much

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