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I need help connecting Gravity and Zap. I can see this has been going on for years, surely this should be fixed by now?? Not sure on whos end, but this is unacceptable. I’m finding forums on this constantly with no fix besides raising a ticket.

Can someone please ACTUALLY make an attempt at patching this “bug”.

This issue isn’t a bug, it’s caused by a configuration issue on your site or the server hosting it.

The first thing to confirm is that you have installed and activated the Gravity Forms Zapier add-on. That add-on contains the REST API endpoints that Zapier needs to communicate with.

If the add-on is active the next thing to check is your WordPress Admin Dashboard > Tools > Site Health page to see if there is a security item for the authorization header, it should look like the example from this documentation under your Passed Tests:

While you’re under that section, also look for any errors for REST API or SSL. The documentation above will also give you examples of good tests and bad tests for both of those categories.

If you have errors on under Tools > Site Health for Authentication Headers, you’ll need to escalate to your Server Host. We have a document about that here:

There are also some good resources here: << this one is really good, issue #4 is Basic Authentication

If you don’t have errors on Tools, Site Health, we might need one of the following to help you troubleshoot:

  • REST API Key (temporary, you can delete it afterwards) and send us the Consumer Key/Secret. We can use this to test your REST API connection, or
  • Temporary Admin Account so we can check configuration, create a temporary REST API and do some testing

If you still can’t connect after that you’ll need to open a support ticket.

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