Gravity Zapier Addon

Hey guys, maybe I can get help faster through community. I never realized this was here. Awesome sauce.

The past week, anytime I go to upload a new plugin for my website I am getting the following notice from the gravity-zapier-addon. We use that add-on for gift certificates on website.

I am also given a warning before uploading, and then after clicking activate I get all these errors and have to open new tab to get back to website.

Any suggestions? Thanks

What is the installed version of your Zapier add-on?

Well I have version Version 3.2.1.

I also installed a “Query Monitor” plugin to look for errors because my wp admin is running SO slow for like a week now.

ANd on every page of my website I am getting these PHP errors “based on what Query Monitor” is telling me. I don’t know if that’s because of the Zap add-on or gravity? Thanks for your reply.

All the notices (they’re notices, not errors) in that screenshot are coming from this plugin:

That’s not related to any of your earlier warnings. I recommend opening a support ticket for that issue: