The website has technical difficulties

Ich hope, somebody can help me. When i want to input some fields, i will get an error called:
“The website has technical difficulties.”


That is not a message from Gravity Forms. I recommend contacting your web host about the error. It is possible something in the PHP configuration is preventing the form submission, or there is a security module interfering with the submission. Thank you.

This is the new WP 5.2+ version of the old White Screen of Death. It usually means a plugin (or theme) isn’t compatible and there’s a conflict. First thing I do is change DEBUG in wp_config.php to True and see if you get an error message that points to the problem. If not, go through the usual “change to a default theme, deactivate the plugins and troubleshoot from there.”

Mad Dog

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Good information - thank you. I had not run into that yet.

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And as an error message, it’s equally as helpful! :roll_eyes:

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