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Does anyone else have this error message? It’s only happening with one particular form on my site. All others work just fine. I’ve tried recreating the form and have tried every option to no luck. Any suggestions?

This message is shown when there’s a validation issue or a required field. If you’re only seeing the message but not the field details that need ‘validating’, you probably have a theme or plugin conflict that is causing an error on the page from displaying conditional content.

Easiest way to test this is in the ‘preview’ mode in Gravity Forms. If it works in preview, you know you’ve got an issue with your theme or plugin conflict on the front-end.

If it doesn’t work in preview, you may need to do a more in-depth plugin/theme conflict.

If that doesn’t work, I’d recommend opening a Support Ticket. If you don’t have an active license, you can post a link to your form so we can check it out remotely.

Thanks Jim. I actually found out that WP Rocket was causing the conflict and after disabling it, the forms worked again. This is unfortunate because WP Rocket really helped speed up the site so now I have to find an alternative.

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Try the Fresh Forms for Gravity plugin written by one of our amazing Support Engineers. Forms should NEVER be cached as they are intended to be dynamic.

Thanks Jim. Disabling caching on those specific pages fixed the form not working issue. Unfortunately it slowed the site back down. I’m also having an issue with the form submission taking at least 10 seconds to process. Once the submit button is clicked, the circle spins for about 8-10 seconds before moving on to the thank you page. Do you know of any fixes for this?

HI Andrew,

You’ll want to take a look at this FAQ on Troubleshooting Submission Performance:

It has a very involved process on stepping through potential issues and fixes.

Hi, we have the same issue here: and on the main website:


HI Ian, Please see the notes in the thread above. If you’re still experiencing issues after walking through those steps, you should submit a Technical Support Ticket on our site:

Hi Jim,

Thank you, I have already submitted: