After WordPress 5.5 update - can't add new or edit forms

After latest update to WP 5.5, I can’t edit any of my forms. The forms work on the website, but I can’t add new ones or edit any of my existing forms.

Please advice. Thanks

Have you tried running through a conflict test?

The WordPress 5.5 update included changes to bundled scripts and if the theme or another plugin has not been updated for compatability it could break features throughout the site which use JavaScript, such as forms.

Hi Torben, if you’re not able to find the conflict on your site, I recommend opening a support ticket:

I am having the same problem. Can you post an update? I have opened a support ticket but unfortunately I am having problems on Saturday night – so I don’t expect to get a quick reply.

Hi Chris. I see that your ticket has several replies already, so we’ll leave the advice there. Looks like a theme or plugin conflict on your site.

There was an offer to view a staging site and I have been trying to get it set up. It would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Chris. I recommend replying to that support ticket if you need additional assistance. Thank you.