Issues with WordPress 5.5 update causing forms to not work

Has anyone else noticed issues with forms no longer working with the recent WordPress update to 5.5?


Hi evolv. I recommend opening a support ticket if you have not already, in order to quickly help you resolve your issue. I will leave this open in case anyone can offer some insight or can confirm the issue in their installation as well. Thank you.

We have the exact same problem - Wordpress 5.5 is breaking every implementation of Gravity Forms…

My recommendation for support is to open a support ticket, so that we are able to gather the logs and look into the issue. Thank you:

Forms are broken for me as well, 5.5 version update

I downgraded to 5.4.2, it works now… Hopefully Gravity gets it fixed.

Gravity Forms 2.4.20 is compatible with WordPress 5.5.

Have you tried running through a conflict test?

The WordPress 5.5 update included changes to bundled scripts and if the theme or another plugin has not been updated for compatability it could break features throughout the site which use JavaScript, such as forms.

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I did a theme/plugin conflict test and found it to be our Muffin Group theme. I also tested with Divi theme and it did not show as well so definitely some themes are having some trouble keeping up with something in WP. Thanks for your help!

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I don’t think that Gravity Forms 2.4.20 is compatible with WordPress 5.5.

I just downgraded and it’s still not working. I am using Divi.

Gravity Forms 2.4.20 is compatible with WordPress 5.5. We are hearing that many themes are not compatible with WordPress 5.5, and that incompatibility usually results in JavaScript errors, and those will cause a Gravity Forms form to remain hidden. If anyone would like personalized attention for their issue with Gravity Forms and WordPress 5.5, please open a support ticket:

@slycknick please try your form from the form preview and see it it works there. If it does, it is most likely a conflict with your theme or another plugin. We are seeing more issues with themes than plugins, so I would test your form with a default Twenty-something theme from Automattic. Thank you.

Broken for me too. I just upgraded to the latest versions of WP, GF and Divi theme.

Broken is the hover-over effect for field settings (upper left corner icons to: “click to expand and edit field” - “click to duplicate field” and “click to delete field”) while trying to edit a form does not appear.

When I click on a field to edit, it just highlights the field with a blue outline - no ability to edit, duplicate, delete or move.

My temp solution was to export the form and import it into another site I manage where I haven’t made the upgrades yet. Make my edits and then export/import back into my site that has been upgraded.

Please let me know what the solution is. :slight_smile:

It looks like the majority of the issue with jQuery Migrate not being output by WordPress any longer, which is breaking many themes and some plugins. This plugin has resolved most of those issues:

There can still be other JavaScript errors on the page which prevent Gravity Forms from working, but the errors are not with Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms latest release is fully compatible with WordPress 5.5.

If you need additional assistance, please open a support ticket for personalized assistance:



The Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin worked for me.

Thank you!


Thanks for the update. That has worked in most of the cases we’ve seen.

Thank you for the tip on the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin, worked here as well.

Landed here after searching “gravity forms don’t show up when upgrading to WordPress 5.5.1”, all themes and plugins were updated prior to moving to WordPress 5.5.1 and Gravity Forms were working, immediately following the 5.5.1 upgrade, Gravity Forms then did not show up.

Prior to the upgrade, the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin was installed but had not yet been activated. Post the 5.5.1 upgrade, plugin activated, Gravity Forms displayed again properly.

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Hi Chris (@chrishajer),

We are also having issues with Gravity Forms 2.4.X and the latest releases of Wordpress 5.5.X.

We used the Health Check and Troubleshooting Plugin for debugging, etc. and confirmed it’s not our theme (Avada) nor Twenty-Twenty.

Our issue is posted here: File Upload Preview (Red "X" Image Broken & Wrong Error Message)

You’re welcome to visit our website to confirm - and also welcome to login as Adminisitrator so you can perform your magic.

Thank you!

Hi Chris (@chrishajer),

In case you’re wondering, we also installed the Enable jQuery Migrate Helper plugin. Unfortunately, did not fix our issue.


Hi Jonathan. The jQuery Migrate Helper plugin helps in some cases, where the JavaScript error is introduced because of the missing jQuery Migrate script. That does not fix all conflicts.

I will take a look at your other topic now.

JQuery Migrate plugin worked for me - WP 5.5.1
using Elegant Theme & Divi Builder

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Awesome. Thanks for the update.