Can't edit forms and swap between Visual and Text editor in notifications


I update wordpress to latest version and gravity forms as well, and now have problem to edit forms, when I click box to edit it’s not extend box, no mater if it’s html block, checkbox, radio, etc. also when I go to notifications and edit, I try to change between visual editor and text but also nothing happen. I know there can be plugins conflict, but maybe someone have same problem and know how to fix this. In meantime I will turn off plugins etc to find if it’s conflict problem.

Hi Damian. It most likely is a plugin conflict or conflict with the theme. You can use this plugin to help you debug the issue:

We have an article on its usage here:

It is possible that you can quickly fix the issue by installing this plugin:

Since WordPress 5.5, WordPress have stopped outputting the jQuery Migrate script. That is causing problems for a lot of other plugins and themes, and the errors then cause the Gravity Forms functions not to work properly. Try that plugin and see if it helps resolve the issue on your site. If not, and the Health Check plugin is not immediately helpful, I recommend opening a support ticket here

Thank you.