AJAX ISSUE? Not loading form

Hi - My form is not loading. I think it is a problem with the theme as I have tested plugin conflicts one by one and had no luck.

I just can’t figure out how to diagnose the problem.

I am running wp 5.5 and have everything updated.

The form should load here https://www.ecotileflooring.com/get-quote-form/ but as you can see it’s got the infamous display:none


Hi Danny. Chances are the update to WordPress 5.5 is what broke it. WordPress stopped including the jQuery Migrate script by default, and that exposed the errors in a lot of plugins and themes. It does not affect Gravity Forms (we are fully compatible with WordPress 5.5) but Gravity Forms forms are indirectly affected because when you have JavaScript errors on the page, the Gravity Forms scripts cannot run to reveal the form. That’s why the display:none remains.

Try installing this plugin to include jQuery Migrate again and see if your form shows up: